Who We Are

Youth DIVE is an online community of Catholic youths and young adults from all over the world. We believe that holiness is not just for priests, nuns, and monks but that every diver can become an extraordinary saint.

Our goal is to create a perfect place for you to learn more about our Catholic Faith and how to use that knowledge to grow holier and closer to God. Here, you will find people just like you who are eager to grow their Catholic faith, hear the call of God, and pursue their life calling!

Our Philosophy

1. Deep Theology

At Youth DIVE, we believe that the easiest way to build a strong relationship with God is to get to the very heart of Truth. For it is when we know and fully understand the Truth that God has revealed to His Church that we know God.

2. Practical Spirituality

Knowing, however, isn’t enough. We must also live according to charity, worshiping God in Spirit and in Truth, crucifying the Old Man, and participating in the cosmic battle against the real spiritual forces and entities that threaten our salvation and the souls of our friends and families.

Always remember that you are called to a life of Holiness, Perfect Charity, and the propagation of the Kingdom of God.

Our Core Values (DIVE)


The diver's first devotion is to the Immaculata through the Holy Rosary and the Brown Scapular.


Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, each diver is empowered with the gifts he or she needs to live the Way.


The gifts we have received from the Holy Spirit are diverse. Each diver is called to discover his unique talents and gifts, refine them, and use them for the greater glory of God.


Together, we will carry the Gospel of Truth to the ends of the world, set captives free from sin, make disciples of many youths, and do our part to prepare the hearts of men for the return of Christ the King.


Email: andrew@youthdive.com