How to Find Your Life Purpose as a Catholic Youth

How to Find Your Life Purpose as a Catholic Youth
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If you spend a lot of time on social media or YouTube, you’ve probably come across many Christians who seem to have found their life purpose.

But the 2 most popular “life purposes” we see online are either artistic or directly related to spreading the Gospel of Christ; think music, painting, writing, and talking about God.

You’re probably reading this article thinking, “I wonder if I’ll ever be able to find that one thing that is both useful on earth and gives God glory.”

However, none of these things might be your thing. Yours might be completely different.

So, here are 3 tips to keep in mind that will help you find your purpose.

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Granted, many of the amazing things in life are art-related. Very few people marvel at the awesomeness of God while looking at a mathematical formula. They exist, but they’re very few.

As a human race, art resonates with us more easily on a spiritual level than science, commerce, or politics ever will. So it’s easier to believe that when we receive a gift or purpose from God, it will be art-inclined.

But that is not always the case.

Scripture teaches us that all good things come from God. And we know that science, commerce, and politics are good, so God can inspire someone to become a better scientist, businessman, or even politician.

If you’ve only been looking in the arts and haven’t found it yet, maybe your purpose isn’t artistic. Or maybe it is. Lol. Just look in more than one place. :)

2. It’s definitely God-centered!

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The Church teaches that God created us to know Him, love Him, serve Him in this world, and be happy with Him forever in the next.

To love God and serve Him involves doing things for God's glory and the salvation of souls.

So, the politician that signs laws to end the lives of innocent babies is misusing the gift that God has given him. On the other hand, the one who prevents abortions is truly serving God and loving his neighbor.

In other words, the “job” matters much less than the gifts being used, in the way they are used, and the goal for which they are used — unless, of course, the job is a straight-up sin, like acting porn or being a hitman.

You can fulfill your life purpose and go to heaven with almost any job on earth, provided you choose to love God above all things and your neighbor, using the talents God has given you.

That brings us to tip 3.

3. Follow your talent… the right way.

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Okay, I put the picture of a dancer, but if you read my first tip, you know that art isn’t the only thing God cares about. So, if you can’t dance to save your life, good news, you are still useful to God and to this world. (But if you can dance, WOW! You have to teach me some moves after you finish reading this. Hehe.)

Your talents are given to you by God. It could be as obvious as dancing or as silent as helping people. It might even be more silent, like praying for people in need.

I’ve learned from experience that everyone has at least 2 things they do well. Many people have between 5 and 10. If you can’t find 2, you’re not thinking hard enough. Trust me. If you find up to 12 completely different talents, you’re one of the cool kids.

How to know and use your talents

I will probably use another post to go deeper into the topic of talents and gifts, but just know that yours will generally show up as something you enjoy doing, or that bothers you a lot when it isn’t done well.

For instance, you might like cooking. Or, you get passionate about cooking whenever it is discussed. Or, you get passionate when food is done poorly. These might be indications that your purpose has to do with food or cooking.

BUT… this doesn’t mean that any- and everything to do with cooking is your purpose in life. For instance, if you can dance and love dancing, it doesn’t mean pole dancing and strip dancing are for you.

You’re Catholic.

Always remember that sin and near occasions of sin are both bad! Avoid them at all costs.

There will always be a good expression of your talent and a bad expression of the same talent. Choose the good.

In summary

Here's how to find your purpose in life:

  1. It may or may not be an artistic purpose,
  2. It is definitely a purpose that glorifies God, for He gave it to you, and
  3. It will have something to do with your talent or group of talents.