Untapped Spiritual Powers

Untapped Spiritual Powers
Photo by Marek Piwnicki / Unsplash

The average human being has more spiritual powers than he or she can ever imagine. Embedded in the soul of each living person is a deep well of potent spiritual waters - powers that with meditation and practice will prove to be reliable tools in this ever-raging warfare of our times.

If you must learn to control these powers, however, the first thing you should focus on is discipline.


Photo by Sam Moghadam Khamseh / Unsplash

Discipline is what separates the novice from the adept. The novice is introduced to principles that he or she may be learning for the first time, but the adept has gone over those principles thousands of times in his lifetime.

The decision to return to basic concepts over and over again until they are sufficiently mastered is one that most people cannot make. For most, familiarity is enough. For others, competence. For yet others, being at the top of a group (no matter how mediocre that group is) and recognized for their skills and talents is all they seek.

But the adept pursues absolute mastery.

He is forever learning, forever fine-tuning simple skills, searching the depth of his understanding, and seeking to know the errors of his ways. He doesn't assume that he's already perfect, but that perfection is within reach (Philippians 3:12; Matthew 5:48).

Striving day and night for this perfection, he beats himself with hard blows (1 Corinthians 9:27), subjecting his mind and body to a higher will- for a higher calling and destiny.

Becoming godlike

David, Florence
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To others, this man seems to possess godlike powers, for only the gods of lore can summon the patience, discipline, and focus he does. Only the gods can achieve the results he achieves, seemingly effortlessly.

When he manifests his being, he seems... deep.

This depth is within each person. This depth is the gift of the rational soul that God has given to each human being.

But its full potential can only be unlocked and made manifest through deliberate, focused discipline.

Do you want to achieve great things for the Glory of God and the Salvation of Souls? Discipline yourself.

Do you want to make a million dollars and take care of your friends and family? Discipline yourself.

Do you want to lead a life free from mortal sin and full of love and works of charity? Discipline yourself.

It is within your grasp.

All things are possible to him that believes (Mark 9:23).

Become the adept.